Introductory Episode: Welcome To The Six Figure Entrepreneur Podcast

Welcome to the introductory episode of The Six Figure Entrepreneur Podcast.

I am your host, Mayowa Ajisafe, Self Publishing Coach and Founder of The Book Cot, a publishing agency that helps busy and successful entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, thought leaders, and industry experts amplify their reach, become an instant authority, build credibility and get more leads using the power a published book as to offer.

In this episode of The Six Figure Entrepreneur Podcast, Mayowa Ajisafe shares a bit about the show, a brief of his entrepreneurial journey, why he started The Six Figure Entrepreneur Podcast and other information you need to know about the show.

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Here’s a Glimpse of What You’ll Hear:

  • Mayowa Ajisafe’s transition from the 9-5 world to quitting his only paid job after six months of his job becoming so monotonous, uncreative, and unfulfilling.
  • His background in self-publishing and his journey into entrepreneurship
  • Why Mayowa started The Six Figure Entrepreneur
  • Why does he think you should listen and subscribe to the podcast.
  • Where and how to find and listen to all podcast episodes

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

Authors Crib – a publishing resources and service hub for aspiring and already published authors

The Book Cot – Mayowa’s publishing agency that helps busy and successful entrepreneurs write and publish a book without the time it takes writing and publishing the traditional way

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Episode Transcript

Hi everyone, my name is Mayowa Ajisafe and I’m the host of the Six Figure Entrepreneur Podcast.

And this podcast is something I started just for one single reason is to build a business from grand zero and from the scratch to a six figure business, or even more. It’s not really an easy thing.

And there are amazing entrepreneurs out there who have started and built something amazing, a business that actually solved a particular problem for the market and they have done so well.

And why not just bring these people share their stories to inspire and motivate upcoming and aspiring entrepreneurs to do more and to keep the entrepreneurial fire burning?

So every single episode of this show I sit down and have conversations with six figure entrepreneurs and even people who have built seven figure businesses from the scratch to share their story, to discuss about how they got started, how they got their first client, and how their business has evolved over time, the lessons they have learned, and also their expertise and their experience so that aspiring entrepreneurs out there can have something to hold on to, to also do the same thing that these awesome entrepreneurs have done.

And if you’re wondering, who am I to be a host of the Six Figure Entrepreneur Podcast?

Just like I mentioned before, my name is Mayowa and this is my own entrepreneurial story.

In 2011, after two years of leaving the University, I  said I to myself. I needed a job and I just don’t want to have a job.

I want to have my dream job.

My dream job is working as a business development manager in a real estate company, even though I studied computer science in school.

And in two weeks I got my dream job.

But just a few months after my dream job, I’m not really fulfilled.

I only lasted six months and I left my only 9 to 5 job.

I left with just a few savings and my first business after I left my job really failed before I even started.

I started that business with a partner and I spent all my savings on that business and it failed woefully.

So I was broke and for almost two years.

I have to struggle and work my ass off to just make something work. And what I was doing then?

I stumbled upon a podcast back in 2012 that taught me how to write and publish a book.

I just picked up interested in publishing and writing books and that is how, which then was just a resource blog to teach authors what I was learning at that time.

Over time, I started getting better in publishing and marketing of books.

And in 2014, my breakthrough finally came.

I got my first client who just reach out to me on Google, found me on Google, and reach out to me.

And I was paid $1,000 and that was very awesome for me.

That was the beginning of my entrepreneurial success.

And since then, I have worked with aspiring authors to write, publish and market their books.

And also, I have been a serial entrepreneur who has built ecommerce businesses along the line.

I just discovered that there are many entrepreneurs rising up today because entrepreneurship, when I started, was not really an amazing thing it was right now, then

Right now, entrepreneurship is a shiny thing people are proud to talk about.

Family and friends I can remember went against me and actually thought I was crazy and maybe I was crazy.

So I have been seeing entrepreneurs out there who are struggling to make their business work, who are actually struggling to build a business.

And why not create a platform where I can have amazing entrepreneurs like me to share their story and share their best tips and advice?

So this show will be released at least twice in a week.

And the format of the episode is very simple.

I asked my guests to introduce themselves. They would dive straight into the background.

We learn about them, how they got started, how they got their first client, and how their business has evolved.

You even get to listen to their revenue, like how they’re making money, what’s structure their businessed is right now, the lesson they have learned.

And also then we transition to the question round where I have to throw some awesome and amazing and inspiring questions.

I asked this amazing entrepreneur who are my guests on the show, some questions that are thought provoking that any listener listening will surely learn from.

After that, you just ask them where we can connect with them.

So that’s just a brief detail of the show format.

How will you find The Six Figure Entrepreneur Podcast?

You can go to Apple Podcast (that is iTunes).

You can go to Stitchers, you can go to Spotify.

Ultimately, you can head straight to to avail yourself of all the episodes of the show and also all the show notes, and every link mentioned in all episodes will be included in the show notes for all the episodes on

If you’re an entrepreneur listening to this, this is a show you have to listen to.

This is a show you have to subscribe to because there is no better way to motivate, to teach, and to inspire than telling stories.

And that’s exactly what I love to do. I love sharing stories and listen to people share their entrepreneurial stories.

Head on straight to www.The

Also find us, just search for The Six Figure Entrepreneur Podcast on Apple Podcast, on Amazon, Music, on Stitchers, on Spotify, and everywhere where podcasts can be found.

I would love to have you as my subscriber and be my listener on this show.

And I believe that you will enjoy your time listening to The Six Figure Entrepreneur Podcast.

Thank you so much.

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