Episode 32: How To Use Facebook To Land High Ticket Clients Without Paying For Ads With Richard Fletcher

Episode Summary

Marketing coach Richard Fletcher knows that the world of business can be hard work.

His journey proves that you find yourself flourishing when you least expect it.

Always continuing to learn and grow, highlights from this venture will educate and inspire those feeling a little listless in the current job climate to spring forth and whip up a bit of their Magic Sauce.

Richard loves to spend time with his wife and cats, and before his life as a coach, he has been a professional gambler, a dating coach, and a volunteer in a pet rescue center.

In this episode of The Six Figure Entrepreneur Podcast, Richard shares how he started as an entrepreneur and one simple client accusation strategy that has worked well for him, which doesn’t require him to build a fancy funnel or have any VSL.

Richard is an expert in using Facebook to land high-ticket clients, and on this episode of The Six Figure Entrepreneur, he shared the simple way he has been using Facebook to land high-ticket clients.

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Episode Notes

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