Getting Started Is Super Easy

I am super excited to have you here.

I feel you are here by visiting this page because you visited my “work with us” page, listened to one of my podcast episodes, read one of my books, or are referred here by someone.

You are interested and excited about the prospect of finding a new way to attract more clients to your business.

If you liked me years ago and like most service business owners who have high ticket services they sell that we work with, you have tried a lot of client accusation strategies, and none worked.

I was like that for four years, trying Google and Facebook ads, landing guest posts on high-traffic sites, posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, cold emailing, sliding in people’s DM on Instagram, blogging, and outreach on LinkedIn. Just name them; I have done all of them with no tangible result.

I am not a natural salesman, and I hate forcing people to buy what I am selling when they are not interested.

So if you are like me, I am guessing you are looking for a way to get more clients consistently that won’t make you be that salesman you might hate.

I have been there and am at a point in my business where I don’t need to bother doing all that stuff again to get clients for my high-ticket services.

I can help you.

But truthfully, I don’t know much about you and your business yet.

Because let’s be real here, you are a different person and your business isn’t the same as mine.

I suggest we have a friendly conversation to get to know you and your business and understand how best my team and I can help create a system that will fill in your sales pipeline with quality paying clients and referrals on demand.

If we like each other, we can work together to bring consistent clients into your business.

What You Should Expect When We Meet

When you click the button on this page, you can schedule a 40-minute call with me.

What will happen during the call?

Good question.

During the call, I will ask you questions to better understand you as a person, your business, who you serve and sell to, and where you want your business to be in terms of sales and revenue.

Your answers to my questions will determine how my team and I will be able to help you implement The High Ticket Podcast Sales System. If we see during the call, we are a  good fit to work together.

And in case our tactical and mindset approach isn’t a good fit for you or your business, I would be able to make recommendations or referrals to what best might be of help to you and your business.

You will also be able to ask me any questions about The High Ticket Podcast Sales System and our other sales processes and how we can help you with them.

During the call, if we see ourselves to be a good fit, I will make you an offer to join my Business Intensive Session

This is a 90-minute call where I will ask you more questions about your business, what you sell, your target market, and many other things that will help my team and I understand what you need and how best to implement The High Ticket Podcast Sales System to get results you desired and wanted for your business.

After this call, my team and I will create a customized High Ticket Business Intensive Plan for you and your business, and this plan will include all you need to know, do and implement to get the result you desire for your business.

With your High Ticket Business Intensive Plan, you will have the roadmap you can follow to get results for your business.

The Business Intensive Session isn’t free and is not for everyone.

I think it’s important that you know ahead of time that the investment for The Business Intensive Session and The High Ticket Business Intensive Plan is $2500, payable once before we have the call.

And if, after the Business Intensive Session, you would like my team to implement The High Ticket Business Intensive Plan for you or work with you to implement it, then you can sign up for our done for your options to have our team collaborate with you and solve your client attraction challenge.

Investment for our done-for-you services comes at different levels: $3,500 per month and $5,500 per month.

These solutions have been created to be affordable and accessible for every high-ticket service business, no matter the level they are now in business.

What You Should Not Expect When We Meet

The main goal of having that initial conversation with you is to get to know each other well enough to see if we can or should work together to solve your high ticket sales problem.

The basis of The High Ticket Podcast Sales System that I teach and use in my businesses is having friendly, human-to-human conversations with my prospective clients (you, in this case).

Unlike what happens when you use other sales and marketing channels to sell to real people who are prospective clients with funnels and emails that aren’t personal enough to create the right know, like, and trust environment that sells high ticket offers.

Because of this, I don’t like being pushy or trying hard to sell to people who aren’t interested or ready to buy what I have to offer.

You won’t have any pressure from our call to hire us to solve your problem; that is not how I sell or how I like to start a business relationship.

The best people I work with have been people we both like each other and people who see me as a friend who can help them. So if you don’t like me or I don’t like you enough during our initial call, it’s fine and ok.

Also, the initial call with me isn’t a coaching call.

The job of our first call is for me to get to know you and your business, where you are now, where you want to be and what you want to achieve as revenue and sales goals for your business.

This will help me know if your business is the right fit for my team, and I can get results by using The High Ticket Podcast Sales System and allow you to get to know me and ask me questions.

Too many things are involved in creating, setting up, and implementing The High Ticket Podcast Sales System that can be handled or covered in a 40-minute Zoom call.

The strategies and everything like that is what the Business Intensive Session is meant for.

What You Need To Know

As I mentioned, there is a $2500 one-time fee for the Business Intensive Session.

If, after our initial call, you know you are in the best place to afford that amount to take a step further working with my team and me, and if we see that we love to work with each other during the call, then we should talk.

Our 40-minute Zoom call will be a good use of your time.

If you have read everything on this page and everything you read sounds good, please book a time for us to talk.

I’m waiting, excited to meet you.

Going ahead from here to schedule a time to talk to me, please read the following statements to confirm that your expectations aligned with what you have read so far that will happen on our call.


  • Yes, I understand that the main reason for meeting with Mayowa will be to determine if there is an alignment between my desire to attract more clients to my service-based business and what his team offers. I understand this isn’t a free coaching session and also not some disguised sales call.
  • I confirm that I have a service business that offers a service that has a minimum price point of $2000 or plans to increase my price to that or more.
  • I confirm that if Mayowa and I during the call agree that working together is an idea I want to explore, I’m ready to get started within the next two weeks (if you know this isn’t the case for you, it’s best to book a chat when you are ready to get started).
  • I am aware that Steve’s programs are priced at US$2,500 (one-time), US$3,500/mo up to US$5,500/mo (for 12 months), and I confirm that should we agree that working together is a fit for my needs, I can afford the minimum fee of US$2,500 (one-time) to get started with the Business Intensive Session.