The Six Figure Entrepreneur Newsletter #001

Merry Christmas.


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# Take One


Before anything else.


Welcome to the first issue of The Six Figure Entrepreneur Newsletter.


After weeks of studying the newsletter arena with its many advantages, uses, and even the idea of using AI to create and publish a newsletter, I finally took the plunge to start it.


I need to say I started this newsletter as a means to package my years of experience as a solopreneur and a serial entrepreneur of 12 years and that of smart folks I have come across one way or the other online doing their thing and winning in their various online business endeavor into one place where anyone can find them and benefit from them.


Newsletter has come to stay as a means to build, grow, scale, and monetize a business.


In 2024, the newsletter will be a prominent way and channel for Solopreneurs to build, grow, scale, and monetize their business.


2023 saw a book in the newsletter world. Newsletters are springing up left, right, and center, and the new world of AI has made it so easy for many to enter into the fray.


As a solopreneur who has always been looking for ways to leverage tools, channels, and systems that provide value to grow and scale my businesses, my months of studying from the best humans who have launched and used a newsletter to build, grow, scale and monetize their expertise, knowledge and skills, my recommendation would be for you to consider having a newsletter in your arsenal of tools and channel to grow, scale and monetize what you do now as a solopreneur.


You might be asking how you can use a newsletter to achieve this.


This issue is meant to show you the idea that a newsletter can and should be one of your best friends to take your business to the next level in 2014 and not to show you how to go about using it.


In the next issue of The Six Figure Entrepreneur Newsletter, I will explain how I use this newsletter and others to scale up my businesses and how you can do the same.


This and many more are the goodies you will enjoy from receiving each issue of this newsletter.


Stay tuned!


# One Big Idea


The word best might sound too much to describe an ever-changing idea as the audience you are attracting, but the underlying message in this post is something you should pay attention to if you are planning to build an audience that can propel your business to the next level of profitability.

# One Tweet


If you’re trying to build a personal brand and monetize it consistently with high-ticket coaching, DFY, or consulting offers, here is an entire playbook to help you do so.


# Sources and Sponsors

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