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2024 is just a few days now.


How are you preparing for the new year?


Now, on to this week’s goodies.


# Take One


In the last issue of this newsletter, I shared the idea of how a newsletter is something you should consider having in your arsenal of systems to grow, scale, and monetize your expertise, knowledge, and skill in 2024 and beyond.


I then promised to bring you tips from what I have learned so far about newsletters, and they can be used to grow and scale up things for a solopreneur.


In this issue, I will show you how why I am rooting for you to start a newsletter in 2024 and beyond.


Let’s do it this way..


Email list building is one thing almost all solopreneurs want to do or are doing right now, and it goes in line with giving something free to lure people to join your email list, and you nurture them down the line while also introducing something to them to buy.


Personally, I am not a keen fan of that.


In fact, most of my business wins in my 12 years of running an online business have been outside of building an email list.


The issues with building an email list are many:


1. You are trying to bribe people to join your list, and many aren’t interested in what you want to say or offer.


2. You have to nurture your subscribers for a long period of time while also using your email to sell.


3. Most people who subscribe to your email list won’t like the idea of being bombarded with emails every now and then, which means people like that will unsubscribe from your list and won’t have the opportunity to hear from you again.


4. Hardly will anyone give you their email in exchange for a freebie and will be so eager to hear from you in their inbox every day. They know you will be sending them an email, but they don’t want to hear from you occasionally.


Email list building isn’t that a bad idea as many solopreneurs have used it to build a large audience they are monetizing well, but what if there is a better way to go about building the same audience you want to build with an email list using a very similar but different system called newsletter.


Here are why newsletters are better than email list-building to me.


1. Newsletter preps subscribers already to the idea of hearing from you occasionally, even daily (if you have a daily newsletter). Right from the time they sign up, they know the frequency of how you will contact them via email.


2. A newsletter offers you a very good, acceptable, and lovable reason to get in touch with your subscribers as frequently as you want without annoying them. This assumes you are giving them value in all your newsletter issues.


3. The newsletter removes the need for you to “bribe” anyone with a lead magnet to become a subscriber. Your newsletter itself is the main attraction and not a lead magnet. This means you will get more serious and interested people as your subscribers than you will get while playing the email list-building game.


4. Newsletter subscribers are subscribing because they are hungry for your knowledge, skills, expertise, ideas, etc. I don’t know about you, but I would rather have people who want what I have in my email list over people who are only interested in what I am offering as bait (lead magnet).


5. The newsletter ecosystem is the best way to sell whatever you are selling and make more money from other sources like sponsorship, ads, affiliate sales, etc., than the traditional email list-building system. With a newsletter, you are in touch more often, and it offers you a native opportunity to sell while also educating or entertaining your subscribers.


6. Since a newsletter is a stand-alone system or a business on it own, you are building an asset you can monetize or even sell for good money down the line. Newsletters like The Hustle, Morning Brew, etc, have sold for millions of dollars. I haven’t seen anyone who sold their email list like this before, and this is because an email list, in the traditional sense, is tied to a particular business, and with this, it has no resellable value or an enticing prospect to investors and buyers.


I can go on and on to list the many advantages of a newsletter over building a list the way you have been doing, but for the sake of space and not turning this issue into a long-form post, I will leave it at these.


In the next issue, I will show you how I am going to use this newsletter to build a different business asset that drives one of my businesses.


Stay tuned!


# One Big Idea


What if you have a cheat code from 30 successful solopreneurs on how you can build your email list? Here is a cheat sheet of ideas to help you build your email list fast, from 30 amazing folks who have built, grown, and scaled their business to six figures and beyond (including one of my favorite mentors). Each of them gave an answer to two questions about how to grow your email list, and it’s all available in this free resource.


# One Tweet


If you are starting over in 2024 to build, grow, and scale your business as a solo creator, here is a great blueprint I’ll recommend you follow to get started.


# Sources and Sponsors



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