The Six Figure Entrepreneur Newsletter #003

Today is the last day of 2023.

What a time to look back and be grateful for the outgoing year.

How are you preparing for the new year?

Now, on to this week’s goodies.

# Take One

In the last issue of this newsletter, I showed you all why having a newsletter is the best way to go in 2024 and beyond as opposed to the traditional email list-building system you have been using for years in your online business.

In this issue, I will show you how I am going to use this newsletter to grow and scale up my business.

Let’s dig in right away.

Early 2023, I started a new business called Skill Bundles.

It was a business that I am using to solve one problem I see most solopreneurs are having – not having enough bucks to buy premium courses, tools, and resources they need to upgrade their skills and knowledge.

The idea of the business is simple.

Curate the best premium courses, tools, and resources that Solopreneurs need in various ways to build, grow, and scale up their businesses.

Think of it as a kind of AppSumo for courses, tools, and resources.

In October 2023, my team and I hosted our first Super Bundle (the cute name I can think of calling our bundle of courses, tools, and resources just to differentiate what we have against what most people are doing in the space similar to this called Bundle)

We made some rookie mistakes launching the The Solopreneur Profit Surge Super Bundle we finally made some good money from that, which actually proved the concept to be something I can keep doing.

We had 19 experts contributing at least one premium course, tool, or resource to the Super Bundle, and each promoted the Super Bundle to their audience, giving us the network and compound effect of Other People’s Audience, a marketing system I believe so much in.

In January 2024, we are launching our second Super Bundle – the Lucrative Leads Super Bundle, and we have made a lot of changes and improvements to the initial system we used for the first one based on the feedback my team and I got earlier.

So, in essence, we need to keep hosting these Super Bundles to help solopreneurs and our contributors build their lists for free and get more leads for their businesses using the same concept of Other People’s Audience. They are also making affiliate commissions from sales coming from their end while promoting the Super Bundles.

We are building a buyer list of solopreneurs ready to invest in their learning and skill set while making handsome profits.

One thing I love about this idea is that everyone wins. We, the host, are winning, our contributors are winning, and our end customers are also winning.

To scale this business up, we need to build an audience that we can turn into buyers down the line.

This is where having a newsletter comes in.

With a carefully crafted playbook, we are building this newsletter to be a hub where we can educate, entertain, and help our target audience for Skill Bundles – Solopreneurs who are interested in learning how to grow, build, and scale their businesses.

We also have another side of the business that collaborates with our contributors to host workshops that teach Solopreneurs ONE specific strategy, tactic, or system they can use to build, grow, or scale their business up to six figures and beyond.

So you can see how The Six Figure Solopreneur Newsletter is a good but different and separate asset we can invest in to fuel Skill Bundles.

With a native environment of receiving and sending emails that a newsletter offers, you bet we can grow the newsletter to a level where we can print cash while also having a system that brings the business sales when needed.

There is surely more to this than what I just mentioned, but with these few pointers, you can see how a newsletter is one profitable asset you can focus on building in 2024 and beyond.

That would be all for this edition.

In the next edition, I will give you some recommendations of ideas and guides that can help you grasp the idea of a newsletter and how you can start one to grow and scale your business to six figures and beyond.

So stay tuned.

# One Big Idea

Unless you have lived under a rock for the past two years, ChatGPT has turned the world over its head to a level that is amazingly good news for Solopreneurs. Got an offer, and you want to get the help of Alex Hormozi to transform it into a money-printing offer without paying him a penny? AI is a key to the present and the future, of course.

…And you should get the concluding part here.

# One Tweet

Should you start this new idea? Should you pivot to a new type of business vertical? As a Solopreneur, you are the Alpha and Omega of your entire business, and there will be times when you need to make some altering decisions. At times like that, steal this simple brain hack to position yourself for success.


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