A DoneForYou Scalable, Measurable, Consistent And Predictable Sales System That Fill Up Your Sales Pipeline With High Ticket Clients

Selling today for most high-ticket service businesses is overly complex and confusing

Too many sales and marketing options distract you, waste much of your time, money, and energy, and don’t move the needle. 

As a high-ticket service business owner, we all know you don’t need to work with a thousand clients a month, and because of this, you need only a few things to bring in the clients you need to achieve your monthly revenue figure.

You have heard a lot from the so-called marketing and sales tactic “gurus” telling you to do stuff that doesn’t fit well into how selling high-ticket products and services works.

You aren’t selling a $299 coaching service or $29 eBook or course. You are selling a high ticket service that costs a lot.

People only buy these services that are highly priced from humans they trust, like, and knew offers the solution to their problems.

Selling a high ticket service happens from real human conversations; that is why you do sales calls to sell your services.

But when you are being told to build complex non-conversational, or human-like funnels, use email marketing hacks to sell people like they are robots, or even run ads to a webinar where you only take 90 minutes of your ideal client’s time to sell them after that.

They taught you to post on Facebook groups, write Tweets, send cold emails (what kind of human will jump at a cold email from a stranger and rush to buy a $10k service?), start a Youtube channel and then sell your services (we all know this takes years before if ever you will get a good result from doing that and do you have years to spend when you need clients right now?)

Most of these tactics and strategies might be good for selling a low-ticket product or service because it doesn’t take much trust for anyone to buy a $29 ebook or course from a stranger via a sales page, but will you do the same with a $5k coaching service? Of course not.

They don’t help you build trust with people you want to sell to; no matter how you try, all those strategies won’t build any relationship with your ideal client in a way that makes selling easy for you.

To cap it all, you don’t have much control over the sales and marketing processes that drive these popular sales and marketing systems.

The time is now to “opt-out” of all these time-wasting, stressful, and money-wasting ways of marketing and selling your high ticket offers and start using a sales system that you can own and control as you like and one that will help you build trust and the right relationship needed to make people say yes to your high ticket offerings.

We have a simple, 4-part system to help you bring more high-ticket clients to your business with half the effort, time, and price you are paying to acquire a client right now.

We call this system..

The High Ticket Podcast Sales System

The High Ticket Podcast Sales System has four cool sub-systems has the power to 5X your business revenue figure to a level you might have never imagined. And the best part, you have all of these sub-systems setups for you

If you are curious about the High Ticket Podcast Sales System is about. Here are the four sub-systems inside The High Ticket Podcast Sales System that will 5X your revenue within the next 60 days of implementing them.

1. The Six Figure Podcast

Tap Into The Power Of A Six Figure Podcast

Building a relationship with a Six Figure Podcast is easy with The High Ticket Podcast Sales System.

You only need to invite your ideal clients to have a conversation with you on your podcast to share their stories or expertise.

It’s one sure and subtle way to initiate conversations that can lead to you doing business with your ideal clients.

This subtle prospecting system helped me rake in more than $20k in revenue for a new business with a new podcast with less than 500 downloads in two months.

2. The Six Figure Business Book

Tap Into The Power Of A Six Figure Business Book

While your Six Figure Podcast brings in high-ticket clients for your business on demand, a Six Figure Business Book is the best tool to bring in well-qualified leads for your high ticket offers 24/7/365, even while you are sleeping.

Your Six Figure Business is also a tool in the arsenal of The High Ticket Podcast Sales System to flood your business with more referrals than you are getting now.

The best part is this.

If you are busy doing all of these yourself, our team is here ready to help you re-create and set up all four sub-systems for your business.

What New And Unique Things Do We Bring To The Table

In today’s world, where there are so many shiny things competing for the attention of your ideal clients, you want to stand out by bringing them into your space to have a friendly, non-sleazy conversation in a way they do with their close friends.

We believe selling should be human and conversation-friendly to cut short and make selling easy.

This is the one big mindset and way of doing things at the core of our actions.

Everyone loves to buy but hates being sold. We believe that the selling process should pay attention to this simple mantra and facilitate selling in a way that makes buying and you selling an easy job. 

We like to take away the complexity in the selling process and combine the marketing and selling phases into one to make landing your ideal client shorter and easier.

If you’re ready to experience simplicity in selling and selling without learning how to be a salesman or become one, we might be a fit.

And the best thing is that this new way of selling we adopt is evergreen as long as humans keep having conversations with each other, and there is a channel like a podcast that can cater for an easy way to have conversations.

As the set man behind The High Ticket Podcast Sales System, I have built two new businesses to six figures within the space of 3 months and have seen this system take those businesses to a point I have dreamed of spending years to reach.

I’ve learned all the tricks and tactics that drive results with this system. You don’t need any new trick to make this work for you. Just leave the tricks and tactics for a team who understands how to use them to get the right results.

You can leave all the hard work to my team and focus on what you know how to do best – running your business and serving your clients to get results for them.

Get Started Is Super Easy

While you have read about what our marketing and sales philosophy is and details about the selling system we adopt and how it can help you bring in more high-paying clients for your business and 5X your revenue in the next 60 days.

To get started, click the button below to find out what it is like to work with us, what you should expect, and how to get started.

Just Imagine…no more wondering…

“How do I get more clients for my high ticket service?”

Start implementing The High Ticket Podcast Sales Strategy, done for you, so you can…

  • Bring in more of your dream clients
  • Make more money than you are right now
  • Grow and scale up your business
  • Become an authority figure in your industry
  • Focus on doing what you do best – running and managing your business and getting results for your clients.
  • Increase what you charge and get people that will pay that without any stress
  • Handpick people you want to work with
    • Spend less time on selling
    • Stop working with people who you don’t like working with
    • Make better relationships and grow your network without wasting time looking for network events where you can drop your business card and disturb people, all in the name of connecting with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Or Twitter
    • Bring in more referrals as you have never seen before
    • Have more people in our circle of influence, your present and past clients become your promoter.

    Save time, energy, and money doing all those things you have been doing that aren’t giving you the consistent, measurable, predictable, and scalable results you always want.